Conan call

I had this idea running in my head ever since I've seen new Conan movie especially after a flash of Jasons muscle butt hehe But(t) seriously he definitely was overdressed through the movie ;p 


Christmas Delivery

Yay~! I finally came up with something for Christmas hehe Still you'll have to wait to peek what he's got inside ;p I used Sami Eskelin for pose reference ;3 Now now... need to sign this hehe

  Unwrapping after Christmas dinner sorry ;p


PS: Bahh~ I corrected this hunk a bit thanks to Branchlaw THANKS~! :D I hell have no idea how he ended up with both right hands in the first place lol but it sure looked kinda creepy :O


OK! Here goes nothing!

First things first! I know everything's very raw right now but promise I'll take care of it in due time but for now I'd like to share my first bara pic... well second actually but the other one got lost XD Well then let's not keep you waiting. Enjoy the ride!
Hmm I thought it would take longer but here it is~ '^o^' 'm quite proud of how it came out but there is still much room for improvements :D Sooo what do you think? :3 Tell meh~

PS: I know hay-stash isn't exactly the most comfortable of places for hot, manly, sweety sex but oh well XD